february’s fool

What a way to start my February. Too much presumptions. Too much hopes.

Have you ever experienced thinking that a guy likes you because you interpreted his actions towards you then it turn out, that he’s already taken?

I’ve had that experienced today, I thought this guy likes me so I began thinking of the possibilities which could blossom from this. I’ve had high hopes so high that I got excited for Valentine’s Day which is really not ME. I don’t get excited for Valentine’s Day especially these past couple of years. I thought that I’ll be like some of the girls I envy during Valentines—one hand holding a rose and the other, holding her man’s hand.

But tonight, I’ve found out that he’s already in a relationship with some girl…some lucky girl.

So I guess, it’s Singles’ Awareness Day on February 14.(LOL)

 I am a February’s fool.


2 responses to “february’s fool

  1. At least Chinese New Year is also on the same day, so celebrate that instead!

  2. really? I didn’t know about that. good thing chinese new year will fall on the 14th.=)thanks for the info

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