How close are you to your parents?

I’m very close to my mom I would goof around with her like I would with my friends. I used to be close with my dad when I was little but when I hit puberty, I just drifted away which I wished I didn’t because now he’s gone. I miss my dad a lot these days. It has been almost 3 years since he passed away.


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8 responses to “How close are you to your parents?

  1. i’m sorry to hear that D;at least you got to know him though, right?

  2. @infinitelyalex – Yes, at least I was able to bond with him. I remember watching CLICK and found myself sobbing.Anyway, thanks infinitelyalex. Are you close to your parents?

  3. @hazey_chique – ah i know click was sad, even for me..uhhh well, i really dont get along with my dad.  and i never knew my mom before she died, so…i guess it could be better.

  4. @infinitelyalex – Oh, I’m sorry to hear that too. I hope someday, you and your dad can get along. In my case, I regretted being distant to him.

  5. I am glad at least you have something with your parents. If my father were to pass away I would have nothing good to say for his funeral. 

  6. @chanchina – Well, I felt that way too. Before he died, I really hated him. I was annoyed with him but when he was gone I truly missed him.I guess what they say is truly about not knowing what you have until you lose them. So I think, whatever your father has done to you, you should forgive him because he’s still your father. And before you run out of time.

  7. so sorry to hear about your dad. i was a lot closer to my dad when i was little. things went downhill after i hit puberty. now things are a lot better.. last 2 years we actually talk and get along but im closer to my mom. with my mom i can talk about anything. she’s almost like a best friend for me. 

  8. @gweirdo – It’s a good thing you reconnected with your father. I wish I did something to reconnect with my dad before he passed away, but my chance is over, so I just would like to share my experience to others so they wouldn’t miss their chance.

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