TIPSY…a total turn off!


Not all of us, gets a chance to communicate with their real local celebrity crushes. I’m not bragging or anything, after all it’s not Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp we’re talking about,but I just want to share this with you. I’m able to communicate with my local celebrity crush through Facebook (I’m pretty sure it’s his real account since I get to meet him in person once to verify it.).
I really feel lucky for that. So my celebrity crush and I get to exchange a few messages through Facebook every now and then. I get so jumpy and stoked when there’s a notification about a message from him. A couple of days ago, on my reply to his message I misspelled his surname and had some wrong information…I was so embarrassed that time and I said sorry a couple of times. He was totally cool about it and let it go.

Then I resolved not to make any mistakes when it comes to my replies to him.I’ve been so careful in typing my message for him until…today, I’m a little tipsy (blame it on 4 and a half bottles of beer) then I received this message from him and I replied that I was excited for his new show but wasn’t able to watch it earlier. In my reply, I said ‘I wasn’t able to watch the flight episode of your show…’ when it was supposed to be written as ‘I wasn’t able to watch the pilot episode of your show…’.

I know….I’ve totally made a fool out of myself. I couldn’t take back that sent message so I just made a follow-up reply. I couldn’t tell him I’m a little tipsy so there’s a misuse of language. I feel so embarrassed and worried at the same time. I’m worried that I’m going DUMB.

OMG. Help me!


8 responses to “TIPSY…a total turn off!

  1. well drinking isn’t that good for you anyway. Why drink? O_o… Plus drinking inhibits the intelligent part of you (the frontal lobe) lol

  2. @chanchina – I know.LOL That’s why I’m going dumb, I’m killing a lot of brain cells by drinking. I think I won’t drink again. At least not without any extremely special occasion.LOL

  3. Well I only drink once/.twice a year tahts Xmas and News year LOL

  4. Oh happy Chinese New Year!Kung Hei Fat Choi!I drink almost every month, there was a time it was almost every day. Whew! I’ve killed to many brain cells.I gotta find some way to replace those brain cells.LOL

  5. It’s cool you get to talk to your local celebrity crushes. I don’t have any…yet. lol

  6. @BeautifulDisaster04 – Yes, it’s pretty cool and until now, I can’t believe he’s just a message away.LOL I think I would faint if I’ll see him again. haha

  7. oh psh!! I’m sure he didnt noticeTHAT little detail.i’m sure he likes chill girls, not fans  =]

  8. @philanthropic_sinner – Yeah.And I’m trying hard not be a fan,but I keep messing up.LOL

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