Spy-like moves

I saw this really handsome and sizzling hot guy while waiting for my take-out in a fast food. I was by myself so I had no one to share that glorious moment. I’ve sent text messages to my friends telling them what I saw. I told them there was a gorgeous guy in that place with beautiful eyes and perfect nose. I wished I could let my friends see what I was seeing.

Then, I remembered this ‘sooo lame move’ I used to do when I was in high school whenever I see a cute guy. I pretend to be making a call while aiming the camera of my phone towards the cute guy and secretly take a picture of him. (I make sure my phone is on silent mode and doesn’t make that scandalous camera sound.Haha) But unfortunately, I would always have a bad photo, like a very blurred one because the distance would be too far or I couldn’t stay still. LOL


I was thinking of doing it again when I saw that hot guy but settled for the ‘hands-across-my-chest-while-holding-my-phone move’ but,as usual, I didn’t get a good picture of him.

Sounds creepy huh? Well, I do this in special circumstances only like when I feel like I would never come across that guy ever again. I’d like to have a memory of him besides the mental image, of course.

How about you? Do you have Spy-like moves too? What do you do when you see an awesome hot creature?


12 responses to “Spy-like moves

  1. If I really meet a gorgeous guy and he seems down to earth I’ll make eye contact a couple of times.. it’s my way of showing him I think you’re hot without blatantly admitting it. usually they smile back.. and get my vibe. If I’m with a friend I’ll start squealing and say omgggg look at that hunkkkk.. loll without trying to get his attention… 

  2. never taken a pic before… but i might if i had the opportunity to get a good one.. haha… i dont think its creepy if u do it like once in a blue moon… as long as u don;t make it a regular habit. but that would be only if i was single. i don’t think my bf would like it very much if i took a picture on my phone of another guy. he wouldnt say nothing but i know he would feel bad.

  3. @gweirdo – Yeah.I do that too, the eye contact thing.Actually, it was a guy friend who taught me the art of eye-contact.LOL I’ve only succeeded once in that eye-contact thing. I was too shy to make eye contact with that hot guy because he was with a girl (which I don’t think is romantically involved with him[?])Haha, I feel you with the squealing and almost-hyperventilating reaction when I’m with my friends. Sometimes, it gets worst with the guy noticing our group because of our noise.*sighs* I really think I won’t see that hot guy ever again.

  4. @hazey_chique – you can always visit him on your terms in your dreams πŸ˜‰ by the way how did your date go? the one you were telling me bout with the guy who has feelings for you but you’re not sure if you reciprocate… 

  5. aaah man! i wish i could make eyecontact with a guy i like..i always look down and never even look at a guy’s face ( a guy who i really like) when i talk and i go red >.>

  6. @gweirdo – it went well,it was fun. i find it comfortable with him but there’s no spark no matter what i do. i don’t give up on the possibility of having a relationship with him.however,he doesn’t give so much effort these days, so i just go with the flow. i wish he’d assert his feelings more but since we’re both busy with our studies, i want to leave it to fate.on our date, i’ve also realized i enjoy his company but except for movies we have very different interests. i know, it should be interesting however when it comes to conversations, i don’t think we’re on the same level.  i wanted  to give him a fair chance, so i’m trying to lose my standards because i think that’s the only way. okay, he’ll pass my physical standards but emotional…i don’t know except that i know he won’t hurt me.

  7. @ciecolamore – I used to be too shy to look at the guy I like but somewhere growing up, I’ve learned to gather my guts to make an eye contact. You just have use all your confidence to make that eye contact, it’s really interesting if you see if he looks back at you. (actually it’s a squeal-worth moment if after a few minutes it’s him trying to have eye contact with you) Haha.My guy friend said the eyes are a very powerful weapon in the art of seduction. I think you have expressive eyes, so you’ll have no problem with that.

  8. @hazey_chique – lol i need a lot of learning in that department! most of the time im scared wondering if the guy is taken or if he’ll joke with his friends about me or something πŸ˜› cause if a guy does try to make eye contact with me i start laughing 😐

  9. @ciecolamore – Try to keep a straight face but avoid being too tensed. Just try making an eye contact, after all,practice makes perfect.=) I imagined you laughing while a guy does try to make eye contact with you, I find it funny. Haha. That’s like being guilty as charged.

  10. Wow, that’s funny.. I haven’t tried that before.. but maybe next time I see a really hot guy I will. I never thought of doing that either!

  11. @BeautifulDisaster04 – Haha.Try it and hopefully, you’ll get lucky. Maybe you’ll have a good picture,unlike me. I got the idea from watching too many spy movies.LOL

  12. @hazey_chique – lol… I should start watching spy movies.. but good idea. I’m gonna have to try to do it next time I see a really hot guy!

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