My local celebrity crush has uploaded new pictures of him in the beach. I saw thumbnails of it and said to myself “Girl, don’t look at his pictures because he’s too damn hot!”—and yeah, I should have listened to that voice for right now, I feel like squealing at the top of my lungs. Unfortunately I can’t do that since everyone else in our house is having their good night’s sleep.

DON’T LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!!! What if I was there when these pictures were taken…could have fainted. xP

(If you happen to be familiar or related with this guy, please don’t tell him about this.LOL)


13 responses to “DON’T LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!!

  1. I didn’t look or shall I say focus- but I don’t have to because I think you’ve a little jennifer paige coming your way

  2. lol. i thought this was like one of those reverse psychology things with a post title like “dont look at the pictures!!” it made me WANT to see the pics. haha.. he’s cute. I love his board shorts. where was this taken?

  3. @I_once_was  NICE!!!!It made me laugh and remember those times in high school or elementary when I would sing along to that song. Thanks for that!@gweirdo – He’s really hot in person. OMG. I want to shout just thinking about it. Haha. Anyway, it was taken in a local beach called Subic (also Famous for it’s white sand besides Boracay)

  4. Ho, didn’t know you’re Pinay! :))

  5. @icesoul_09 – I am!=) ang hot ni raf noh? ssshhh..don’t tell…

  6. @hazey_chique – Super HOT! :)) Wait, I’m curious, why not? P.S. I won’t tell whatever your reason is. 😀

  7. @icesoul_09 – Haha!I’m trying to play it cool when it comes to my celebrity crush Raf.I just don’t want to look like a die-hard fan and seem too creepy. I gasp every time I see his photos from the beach.

  8. @hazey_chique – Well, I can’t blame you. He’s an eye candy. :)) 

  9. @icesoul_09 – More than just an eye candy…he’s friendly in person.

  10. @hazey_chique – You’ve seen him…like in person? Wow! 😀

  11. @icesoul_09 – yup!!but i’ve totally made a fool out of myself during that time.

  12. Not bad ;)Ocean-going guys are hot imo.

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