the thin line between a nightmare and the ”dark encounter”


Last Thursday, I had two major exams and,as usual, I had my cramming moment Wednesday evening until early morning of Thursday. I’ve finished studying in one subject around 3 in the morning when I decided to hit the sack. I turned off the lights and it was really really dark in my room except for the weak light my phone charger gives off. It is through this light I was able to find my way to bed.

So there I was lying in my bed, I wanted to sleep but my mind doesn’t cooperate. Instead, I’ve spent a couple of minutes thinking about stuff that stresses me out—school,future and bad memories. I tried to make my mind relax to have the sleep I want. After a while, my mind seem to have calmed down.

I felt that I was in my early stage of sleep. The part when you feel like you’re half-awake and half-asleep. Then, a scene appeared in my head. It’s like I’ve looked into the eyes of evil, where you see the different faces of pain and misery in just a blink of an eye. It was just horrible as I saw the anguish of so many souls. In my dream, I was trying to drive it away by praying.I wanted to fully wake up but I can’t seem to control my body. I can’t move a thing.

I don’t know if it was a dream or I was really able to open my eyes but I saw another scene. It was in my room just like how it was before I closed my eyes, I saw a silhouette of a man standing near my bed. I was hyperventilating when I woke up after a few seconds. I decided to sleep on my mom’s room, but I didn’t tell her about what happened.

(I didn’t watch any horror movie prior to this so I can’t contribute it to that. In fact, I don’t really like horror movies because I easily get scared.It was even hard for me to search for pictures for this post.)



4 responses to “the thin line between a nightmare and the ”dark encounter”

  1. i can totally relate to what you’re saying. dreams are a sign of your sub conscious fears. since your exams are giving u so much stress and worry its coming out in the form of a nightmare. this sounds really stupid but im scared of the dark even at the age of 27. and its worse when im trying to get to sleep and bad thoughts and scary things are flashing through my head. and the way i deflect it is by closing my eyes really tight and thinking of the dumbest silliest corniest thing. for me. it has always been my little ponies. lol. i think of their strawberry sweet magical lands full of cotton candy clouds and rainbows and stars and pretty girly colors.. and i just keep thinking about that. till i fall asleep. i know sounds retarded. but it works for me and calms me down so im no longer tense, im no longer thinking of those bad things popping through my head and eventually i fall asleep.. think about what that “safe thought” is for you and try it next time whenn this happens again.. otherwise sleeping in ur moms room is always the next best plan =) id do that if i was still living at home. i believe  u can never get too old for that ❤

  2. @gweirdo – I usually think about swirly colors to calm me when I find it hard to sleep so we kinda the same in that area. Anyway,I was expecting to fall asleep right away during that night since I was exhausted so I know I don’t have to calm myself. This experience totally stands out from the rest. Thanks. I’ll think about those cotton candy clouds….yummm!!! =)

  3. I’ve never had a nightmare like that and it would freak the hell out of me… :O So weird!!

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