too busy,too furious

Okay, so I haven’t been blogging for quite a while now.I was just caught up with a lot of things. School requirements, graduation,election and out of town vacation. I didn’t have a chance to open my Xanga account. Anyway, I’m back and typing my thoughts again.

So let me release my irritation to a cousin of mine who cares so much on her broken nail than being productive. Ugh, I hate it. She sits around and checks her nails while everyone in the room is trying hard to finish something. There’s nothing wrong with being too girly,I have nothing against it. In fact, I can be too girly sometimes but I know, there’s a proper place and time for that. However, in her case, she doesn’t seem to know the proper place and time for her act. I hate her laziness and vanity. Okay,I’m not washing my hands here, I admit I can be lazy but I try to become “a little less lazy” when the need arises. I do it out of respect and camaraderie to the people around me. Arghhhh!She’s being a brat and what’s worst is, she’s older than me so shouldn’t she be a little more mature than that?


2 responses to “too busy,too furious

  1. Well, when I break my nail, I complain if it’s bleeding. >.>

  2. @chanchina – Haha.At least only when it’s bleeding.

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