25 before 25

I’ve read this article about someone’s list of 25 things she wanted to do before she turn 25, and how she almost did accomplished almost everything there. So now she’s already making her 30 before 30. I was inspired and wanted to make my own list. I’m 20 years old and will be turning 21 this year, so I have at least 4 more years to try to accomplish my list. I’ve made it today and was running out of ideas. Anyway, here it is…


25 before 25



1. Pass the board exam (as an Real Estate Appraiser) to become a Certified Public Accountant(?).

2. Learn to drive a car and a motorcycle.

3. Visit white beaches like Boracay, Puerto Galera ,Caramoan and Misibis.

4. Experience cliff diving!

5. Go to Palawan’s Underground River.

6. Learn more about photography.

7. Go out-of-town or out-of-country with friends.

8. Treat mom to a vacation trip to Hong Kong or Singapore.

9. Be a vegetarian for a month. (?)

10. Improve confidence!!!

11. Organize an activity for the street children.

12. Go on a retreat with the contemplative pink sisters.

13. Learn to cook Carbonara and five more dishes.

14. Learn to swim on deep waters and try scuba diving!

15. Try Ziplines in different places and ride a roller coaster.

16. Compose a song.

17. Work in a multinational corporation.

18. Enroll in a pole dancing/belly dancing class.

19. Have a tongue piercing.(OMG.)

20. Wear two-piece swim suit in Bora/Puerto Galera.

21. Let go of all the dramas of the past.

22. Be more optimistic!

23. Write a message in a bottle and throw it in the Pacific Ocean.

24. Read the whole Bible.

25. Have a published article in a magazine.


5 responses to “25 before 25

  1. love potion #9  okay, i cook so i’m going to ask YOU if you know how?  why? is obvious- it’s easier to pull off a month of veggie eating if you can cook-but not impossible.  next And_I_love lived a spell in india (  http://and_I_love.xanga.com/   ) india does indeed do a lot with vegetarian cookery.  here’s just a simple example, the southern indian joint by my mother’s doesn’t do meat period.  so what, I like vegetables.  but the onion rings arent ring but chips and they aren’t just batter fried but a batter of chickpea flour… it makes a tasty difference.  it is this difference in knowing a little about what things are made of that allows you to enjoy finding new ways to make you vegetable dreams come true….for a solid month.  keep one thing in mind though, non-heme iron (vegetable sources of dietary iron) just isn’t as easy to digest/absorb as meat.  the hotness of peppers/spices but mainly capsicum peppers *chili* in your food significantly ups the absorbtion of non-heme iron IN SOME peoples…. this allows you to make your blood.  red and rust are similar so you want to get your blood going and replaced.  next vitamine K is so far in my studies is impossible to find outside of meat eating….I don’t know how much or any vitamin K you might need.  I just look these things up.  next hint/observation is that in my experience I’ve met more fat vegetarians than skinny ones- and thus I have to say that if you do well with all veggie meals fine then this is what you need and such not- but if you just are trying to be ‘healthier?  beware, veggyism ain’t for everyone necessarily.  now bullocks to nutrition if you like veggies exclusively, go for it- you are your best source of what’s good for you.now next, indian cuisine is more richly spiced than perhaps any other cuisine anywhere period.  chinese food is simpler and can really help you out of a pickle trying to learn healthier ways to eat.  japanese food is highly stylized and also good but is naturally smaller portions and higher in MSG which may or may not agree with everyone’s hopes dietarily….I for one had high blood pressure medication that specifically precluded me from partaking in msg and I ignored the warning and had a wonderful tummy ache to show for it and a nice pre-dawn yakfu all over camp.  now italian cusine has a lot of eggplant zuchini stuff that is entirely vegetarian but no where near vegan- which a lot of people think when they’re on their healthy mission…pity.  I adore eggplant parmesian….just the same way i adore the middle eastern baba ghanoush (pureed eggplant dip with tahini paste and spices used for a dip for pita breads…an appetizer or portion of a meal) and thus I do get around a dinner table- but be careful if you’re going the vegan route as the middle eatern kebab shack tends to make a wonderful lentil soup but its usually a meat stock type of thing.  fatoush is divine on a water cracker.about the first thing to discover before you go all beggie is whether you are cutting out all meat products or just meat itself- which means typically you will eat a cheese or milk but  perhaps even a stock but you are just consciously lowering the dangers of meat from your life-  it isn’t vegetarianism at it’s finest but its safe to understand and explain as meat free.  next choices are no killing of animals for dinner- a more true form of vegetarianism as you care the animals are not harvested for dinner- but oh lord do you have to watch now for stocks made without meats and all the subtle ways meat creeps in.  then there is veganism which leaves the animals out of it period and this is much harder still.  you think bacon is out can be tough, now add no cheese and all sortsa things…much harder for the western person to understand and get into- but not impossible.  there are the cheaters that simple x the red meat from the diet and all is good having more veggie – centric dishes but yet chicken is fine  (I’ll warn you that chicken versus pork or beef is fine as meat goes but it isn’t free nor is a lot of seafood and the reason is cholesterol.  now cow aint the pinaccle of cholesterol it’s ldl too as is pig which is even lower in the ldl cholesterols but fowl gets into the vldl which is much much worse than pork or beef for you if such factors of cholesterol processing/heart problems specifically run in your genetics… be very careful what your logic for the switch is for- because as i say vegetarianism is not necessarily for everyone.now that you’ve chosen, i’ve a delightful sweet and sour recipe for you- all the thrills and chills of americanized chinese without meat and really quite a fancy dish-  it is your choice of batter, but hush puppy batter or chickpea falagel batters work here.  deep fry balls/shapes of dough.  next chow your usual suspects of carrot onion green peppers or whatever you like in the pan/wok as it makes them very colorful and tasty too, top on rice or as a platter seperate then spoon hot tamarind sauce which I’ll give you a recipe if you want to try this one out for yourself… and voila- sweet and sour not any kind of meat but just by itself.I’ve boca’d and morningstar’d I’ve done used every fake thing I can get my hands on.  I not only went vegetarian but i cooked it for a month  sun dried tomatoes tend to have an almost bacony taste that with cheddars on a whole wheat crust?  nummy num num.perhaps I help perhaps i don’t, but good luck none the same, i had fun exploring vegetarianism- I hopefully wont starve anywhere spicy tempe i like but miso i can’t stand.

  2. @I_once_was – Wow.Thanks for the info. I’m still thinking if I would like to go meat free or total vegetarian, meaning no other meat products. Indian cuisine looks promising to support my plan to go vegetarian for a month plus I love spicy food.Our Filipino cuisine also gives a lot of choices for vegetarians.What is your opinion about Tofu?I hope I can be a vegetarian for a month before I turn 25.Anyway,thanks for the recipe.I copied the recipe you gave.I’ll try that. I’m also accomplishing #13 on this.Thank you.

  3. @hazey_chique – I have a love hate going with tofu.  I love to hate it.  I mean that I don’t hate spicy tempe- it really isn’t bad but gee i’ve bought a whopping poind of it in 4 years!  actually tofu not spiced tofu…hmn.  well i like it in hot and sour soup.  I’ve could stand a lunch portion of sesame tofu (*like sesame chicken/beef but tofu) don’t care for tofu cheese and have to choke down miso.  I adore soy salt…sorry sauce.  I’m capable of going through gallon of the stuff a year….and have.  I want to try the essentially pressed tofu colored maki wrappers which replace toasted pressed dried seaweed in “sushi”  i advise against progesterone creams with the soy based hormone….I’m not a doctor but diddle with your hormones wrong and very very bad things happen….even when you feel good like it’s actually working at first.  tofu isn’t just soy but one of the many products soy- I don’t seperate it out.  deep fried soy nuts are good as occasionally is edame.also its really cool that printer ink nowadays is increasingly coming from soy based chemistryies…oh as for the recipe. let me see if i did up a proper one.http://i-once-was.xanga.com/716274956/take-two/

  4. @I_once_was – Oh cool.I got that. I think I can eat tofu for a while but not permanent.Lol. Yeah, who doesn’t like soy sauce.=)

  5. @hazey_chique – who? only a yogurt!  now, the weirdest thing about vegetarianism is this- you get proteins typically with starches.  bullocks to the south beach concept of no starches with proteins i.le. kick the bun off the burger-them sinners…  and the next concept or part of this means there is no meat which actually is a missed texture- seriously missed.  for a short time and because it’s really easy prep cooking needed- do not skip the veggie burger- believe it or not I’ll buy the things and I’m not planning a veggie life anytime soon again, because they taste good…. but lets move away from textured tofu into a grain patty thingum….nature burger!!  now this is where you get your burger sorta on- it’s fast and because the burger in a sense is the bun already go cucko on vegetables!  seriously.  not fries but sweet potato fries or my particular favorite fried zucchini.  oh and here’s a real shocker, the lunch is high fat and technically not reall good for you-fried stuff rarely is but it sure does taste good.I also noticed I liked to cut out the typical breakfast when I already from a treehuggin fruit loop and thus had suteed eggplant with seasoned rice for breakfast-  sprinklings of Montreal Chicken Seasoning with the rice then a splatter of hot sauce of your choice and then eggplant. yum!  most people think it’s foul but I like sardines and when i find them again the smiling fish yellow curry fried sardines are a nice accompanyment….but they’re tink stinky and you’ll earn no friends.if you can’t tell, I’m firing off the best i have to ramp up excitement for your project.  it’s fun to explore- the key is knowing you already like everything and thus eat it more often.  cooked rice for breakfast is good…just even by itself- but avoid watching anime about the love of rice as it’ll poison you from eating just rice so you don’t go cuckoo.although my mean roommate hates broccoli i enjoyed my broccoli with grapefuit saucethis is where having fun with cornstarch can truly improve your mealtimes.   t…best part is no matter your luck in love and in a way love ruins your choices if you give a crap about the other and thus try to be pleasing- just institue bread course and maditory crazinesses- because sure bread and butter counts- but bread and hummous is sure to cut you down on other items and if he wants a big oldside of animal on a stick- so be it- you’ve a tasty dinner bit or two to share.  breaking bread… because you see, planning to try your luck means no matter the obsticles too.  and it sure is an obsticle having little energy and time because some other person is taking what you’ve got…. so detail time- make the details that let you eat more of what you want and thus simply putting forth your time not just to another but to yourself as well.like you’ve never noticed that other people truly take your time and do a funny little dance on it and voila poof! it’s like gone.but offering the courses YOURs  is good plus things like hummous offer dietary fiber for the other maybe person who only wants a side of animal yet strangely gets the trotts because ‘e never touches vegetables by law.nowconsider this lil notion cabbage while not orange juice is a good source of vitamin C.  cabbage and carrot are the chinese egg roll- not spring roll and to be honest I’m not a big fan of the other rolls… picky me but cabbage- thus you can be alone as we all know lotsa cabbage makes wind- but hey you got to have the vitamin C or you just don’t process you sugars right AND turn yourself into a puddle of goo- connective tissue or the lack thereof is scurvy and its a dumb disease to get.now until my next explosive burst of interest.. nature burger it’s fairly cheap and you can practice burgers or just wimp out and hunt them down in the freezer section of meatless alternatives- fantastik is the brand in north america- its on the healthfood aisle.and never forget to drink upblue berry tea with fako milks is good! and good for you- if you like blueberries… I like mine with almond milk.  delicious.you see, the herbal infusions are caffein free typically and you can chai it up with style.  they have caloric value so you can satisfy snacking needs even ellegantly.- oh and you’ve an entire day of meals now 😉  I wouldn’t want you to go hungry.

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