My Xanga Crush

So I’ve been reading a lot about someone else’s Xanga Crush. I decided to wander from site to site to explore but before I did that I already have one in mind. As I were browsing through those users, one name caught my eye. I clicked his name, as the page reloaded, I watched as my second Xanga Crush unfold. My crush on this second guy is quite superficial at first though, just because he has a pretty face and that hot body. However, when I read his entries,my crush went beyond his god-like body.

Who are they?Probably,I will reveal it next time.I’m too shy to admit it now.


24 responses to “My Xanga Crush

  1. @ShimmerBodyCream – I still don’t have the courage.I even got nervous when I saw in my page that it had two comments.

  2. @Roadlesstaken – Intriguing? Maybe.What’s intriguing for me is how those people gathered their courage to admit their Xanga crush.

  3. @Roadlesstaken – cuz you’re everybodies xanga crush hahaha

  4. @hazey_chique – It definitely takes guts.@h20poloplayinsurfer – My crush potential(?) is grossly exaggerated.  Damn Flip…haha

  5. @h20poloplayinsurfer – LOL. He’s the famous Xanga Crush of almost every girl here in Xanga.

  6. @Roadlesstaken – I wonder where my guts went.Haha Anyway, Shawn has a point.Probably,when I put Roadlesstaken on the search button, the results would link to Xanga crush.Lol.

  7. @hazey_chique – puahahaha…but yes do share who this xanga crush of yours is

  8. @h20poloplayinsurfer – I will, next time or…not. It’s just now that I’ve realized how intense this confession thing is.

  9. zee


  10. zee

    @hazey_chique – that was my guess of your crush when you said he had a hot body. I guess I’m admitting my crush lolthere is another guy I noticed called badandlovingit or something like that.

  11. @zee – Wait for my next post. =) I’ll check out your rec.LOL

  12. @zee -LOL.I hope you’ll come out in the open with your xanga crush as well. I also hope you’d let me know your xanga id so I can tag you on my next post.*wink*

  13. zee

    @hazey_chique – revealing my xanga id would defeat the mysterious suspenseful excitement of a secret admirer

  14. @zee – Haha.I wanted to tag you on my post.Anyway, it’s out there already.

  15. @zee – Thanks? hehe.Everyone likes RLT…I should read his blog sometime to see why.  He seems cool though.

  16. @JusticeCho – You should.He’s a cool guy. Oh no, don’t read RLT;s post you might have a crush on him too.Lol

  17. @JusticeCho – Oh no!Not another competition with a ____ body.

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