XANGA CRUSHES: The Revelation

Okay, I’m not sure if I’ve really found my guts to reveal this or if it’s just my boredom talking but hey, might as well take advantage of what I’m feeling right now. I’m literally experiencing cold feet as I type this introduction but I wouldn’t let that stop me from posting my pre-published version about my xanga crushes.


April 23.

A few minutes after I posted my blog about my Xanga crush. Lo and behold, one of my crushes left a comment. Of course, I can’t tell him that. I’m still too shy, remember ?(my previous post) I almost squealed in my room and probably blushed secretly but I had to play it cool. Okay, so there I was looking at my crush’s comment and I thought hard about what I’m going to reply. I’ve encoded my reply, and deleted it. A couple of deep breaths, I typed my reply and deleted it again. Too obvious. Finally, I was able to formulate a reply that for me, doesn’t look too obvious. *eyes cringed* I clicked the ‘Submit’ button.

Oh, there’s a new comment. This one’s from Shawn. I was like ‘OMG. Am I that obvious?Is my crush’s name written all over that blog?’ If you’ve read the blog and the comments, you probably know by now who my first Xanga crush is.

Yes, Shawn’s right(Nice guess,man). It’s Roadlesstaken. It’s you, Mister. And no, your crush potential is not grossly exaggerated, it is real.

And my other Xanga crush is…Probably, I’ll write about him next time. He isn’t even my friend yet here in Xanga.

April 24.

OMG. Who is this mysterious person who left me a comment? Am I really that obvious? Are my crushes name written all over that blog? How did ‘zee’ know that? Did he see my browsing history? (Ugh, I should have never visited my crush’s page right after making that blog.Lol) I seriously wanted to hide and disappear from Xanga World after reading that anonymous comment.

But…I can’t do that. I love Xanga so much to turn my back from it. After all, it wasn’t Xanga’s fault. I placed myself in this situation and even though, it’s freaking killing me, I have to finish what I started.

*deep breaths and a glass of water* Yes, I’m guilty as charged for both of them. It’s Roadlesstaken and JusticeCho. I think Roadlesstaken will be cool about it since he has managed all those admirers. However, I don’t know about JusticeCho. I don’t know him yet, we aren’t even friends here in Xanga but I hope he’ll be cool about it too.

Anyway, I like Roadlesstaken because he’s really a cool guy and very intelligent. I like the way he writes his blog and how he stays humble despite all those praises for him.

Like what I said on my previous post, my second Xanga crush was all superficial at first. I’m really attracted to guys with six-pack and a pretty face. After reading JusticeCho’s blog, I find his confidence very appealing. I want to know him more, I hope he makes more blogs.

And since, this all out in the open…can you be my “Chiney” Roadlesstaken? ROFL.

P.S:Roadlesstaken, can you imagine how it hard that was?To think of a ‘cool’ reply to your comment without being too obvious.I’m not sure if I succeeded on that.

JusticeCho, I wanted to tagged you but we aren’t friends yet here in Xanga but I hope after my embarrassing confession we can be friends. (Okay, I don’t think that makes sense.*nervous*)


19 responses to “XANGA CRUSHES: The Revelation

  1. Ahh, so it was you who wrote about Chiney on my formspring!  I am very flattered to be one of your Xanga crushes.  I still think people overestimate how many admirers I have though.  I’m not THAT wanted haha, or at least I don’t feel like it.Btw, I think you did a good job with your cool reply.

  2. @Roadlesstaken – Yeah,that’s me and my lame creativity coming up with ‘Chiney’. Haha. We don’t overestimate the number of your admirers. You should not underestimate your crush potential. On the other hand, maybe you’re really not THAT wanted. Hmmm…means less competition.Haha.

  3. @hazey_chique – no…i jus guessed …and i was right …hahahaha

  4. Hey you broke my heart right there…see I’m starting to have a Xanga crush on you! LOL Just kidding. Which Xangan woman doesn’t crush on RLT?! @Roadlesstaken – Yo man! I finally know someone from around here…haha…so don’t break her heart or I’ll break your happy bone! LOL 

  5. @oxyGENE_08 – Lol.Yeah, a lot of competition for RLT’s heart. And btw, I think Tokbox on XZ is cool. Hope to see you there.

  6. Aaahhaa..cute post. So many damn lovers for Alex, but I’m sorry he’s taken! He’s mine! BACK OFF!:) LOL!:)

  7. @hazey_chique – I was there last night and earlier today. I actually asked if people there know you and they did, so yeah…see you there. 😉

  8. zee

    um I’m a girl and when you mentioned pretty face and hot body, I immediately thought of this justice cho guy that I’ve seen commenting around datingish. I think he is like the only hot bod guy that I’ve seen on xanga. I haven’t come across many guys that have shirtless pics. I noticed him before he posted that pic of his bod and only had a normal face pic.

  9. @zee – he’s so hot.i think he hasn’t seen this blog yet so i’ll take comfort in that to freely write what i think of him. he’s totally hot, that pretty face and hot body just fascinates me. i’m such a sucker for six-pack abs.ugh… by the way good guess!

  10. @zee – Yeah I only recently changed the pic.  I got tired of looking at my face hehe.@hazey_chique – You were right, I hadn’t seen it yet…but I have now hehe.  And um thanks for all the compliments…^_^ I’m a pretty shy person so don’t know what else to say.

  11. @JusticeCho – *hides back in my shell* And uh…you’re welcome? I don’t think you’re shy.That idea never crossed my mind at all. =P

  12. @hazey_chique – Yeah…I dunno why people thing I’m concieted and overly confident and outgoing or something on here heh.  But yeah I’m a pretty shy guy…I just dont like wearing shirts hehe

  13. @JusticeCho – Haha.Well, it just doesn’t appear that way but I wouldn’t want you to change your dislike for wearing shirts.Lol

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