Look who’s having a slumber party at XZ. (clockwise)That’s my bear, lily’s bear, derek’s bear and becky’s cute cd case.Lol


16 responses to “XZ SLUMBER PARTY

  1. @Roadlesstaken – Wanna join our slumber party?

  2. @shillykins – Do you HW now so we can continue the partyyy later!

  3. Nice, if I had a camera I’d join in.

  4. @hazey_chique – I want to get a macbook…so I’m holding out cam money until then heh.

  5. @JusticeCho – I hope you get your macbook soon.=) Borrow someone else’s cam.jk

  6. Look who’s starting to get hooked on XZ…haha…it’s all good! ;D

  7. Awww..how come I wasn’t invited?

  8. @throughsamseyes – it was unplanned. be there next time! btw,i like your profile pic.=D

  9. @hazey_chique – Ahaha..for sure. Thanks darling!:)

  10. Cute!  Thanks for visiting again! God bless, ~ Pete”Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored, and I have loved you…” Isaiah 43:4 (ref. my Xanga post of 1/24/2010 AD)

  11. cute!!!! i used to have a sunshine bear but i lost it :/

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