new profile pic…

I had my private photo shoot(LOL) in my room this afternoon before heading to class. These are the two which I liked most…


Well, I’m really bored, pressured and anxious these days. I’m still coping with my ‘independent life’ because it’s the first time I’m away from home this long. I miss my mom, I even miss my sister who hates me and I miss my laid-back life back home. However, I do realize that some sacrifices must be made to fulfill our dreams.


22 responses to “new profile pic…

  1. Awww..I love both, you are just gorgeous. I know how that feels, just hang in there babes. As soon as you make friends, and get out of the zone about wondering what it would be like to be back home, you’ll be fine, you’ll move on. Like you said, one has to make sacrifices to fulfill their dreams, that’s sooo true. You will be thankful one day! I hope things turn out okies! =)

  2. Cool, I like the first one a little better because it’s clearer.

  3. Hey there pretty lady!!! I like the first pic more, even though they’re both great!!

  4. The first one is cool 🙂

  5. qou

    nice glasses! anyway, what ‘independent life’? are you away at boarding school or something?

  6. @throughsamseyes – Thanks. I’m kinda getting used to it, now that 2 weeks have passed. Though, I’m still trying to get over the sleeping issue in this new place. 

  7. @Roadlesstaken – Thanks for input. My phone’s camera is really grainy when the light is limited. Sometimes, it works in a way that it adds effect but sometimes it just sucks.

  8. @M_E_M_O_I_R – hey there smiley! i miss you guys in XZ. i miss our slumber parties and your aussie accent. Haha

  9. @sumoneoverthere – thanks mr.asian tim duncan.haha

  10. @Rainy_Day33 – thanks. i’m using it now as my profile pic. =)

  11. @qou – Thanks.Yes, I’m away from home to study so everything’s kinda new for me including this independent life.

  12. @hazey_chique – there’s nothing on xz right now…a bunch moved somewhere else…but some of us still stayed.

  13. @oxyGENE_08 – who are still there?i miss xz.badddddly

  14. @oxyGENE_08 – oh by the way, can’t meet you on the 19th. i have to go somewhere. =( 

  15. @hazey_chique – well most of us but it’s always empty. most of us are hanging out in a new hood now. haha

  16. @hazey_chique – no worries. just let me know. hopefully this doesn’t drag on til next year. haha

  17. @oxyGENE_08 – no, it would drag on til next year. btw,where’s the new hood?

  18. @hazey_chique – I’ll tell you when we meet up.;)

  19. Your pics are gorgeoussss ❤ really nice ones… love ittt!!

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