Don’t you just hate it when you are being reprimanded for something you didn’t do? Doesn’t it suck when you’re just a victim of wrong circumstances?

I’m sooo furious right now! I was scolded by someone who was in-charge in our dormitory,Mr.G,concerning a complain by one (or two) of our dormmates.  They said I’m too loud and Mr.G talked to me in a way as if I’m guilty of a heinous crime. Trying to keep my cool, I asked properly for the name of the person who complained but Mr.G didn’t disclose it and answered with an attitude. During that short conversation, I had a group in mind,who I think, is behind it.

I discussed the matter with my other dormmates who heard my conversation with Mr.G. They were also shocked by the way Mr.G talked to me. We all agreed about the group who is possibly behind that complain.

Okay, maybe I was loud a couple of times but not today and not on a regular basis unlike them who talks like they are ones in the building. The occupants of 4 out of 5 rooms in that area know that it’s THAT GROUP FROM THAT ROOM who’s loud.


If your hands are clean, you have the right to complain but if you’re the one with the blood-stained hands, how dare you to point the finger at me.


8 responses to “UNFAIR!

  1. NO!  “don’t you know? everyone in here (prison) is innocent.” – shawshank redemption   Only one person accused in the history which I’ll admit I don’t know very well of the salem witch trials outside of the governor’s wife being accused and then the silliness was put to an end, was one poor black woman I believe it was and the only reason she avoided death was admitting in great detailed spectacle the TRUTH of her accuser’s words….and “imbellished a bit” upon them.  where do I sign should be your motto.  the best way to escape the bullGRASS of others’ words is to admit they’re quite aquite true and while you reveled in the sinful life you lead of a friendly chat amoungst friends and hard study disgusting wsild orgies whilst gagged that would make caligula blush with delight that you are sincerely ready to repent of your sins! and accept jesus as your lord and savor please feel free to kiss you behind (christian or not) pond slime (but um, don’t say the last part aloud – just smile it convincingly)arguing you might once have been guilty or youre the shining example of life in the lord jesus the apparently quiet is to be not so childish as to throw stones back and if revenge is needed drop large ballons full of disappearing ink upon the truly guilty on their way out on the town to impress.  why? they’ll freak!  they may sting a touch from 12 pounds of water being dropped upon them from a height and….as long as it splatters just right?  there is no suing for assault as you didn’t hit anyone….but for 5 minutes while they howl at the ink it’s grand fun.

  2. Awww..I’m sorry..that does suck. Try talking to them about it?

  3. Oh man…I can feel the anger! First time I’ve red something totally in RED! Whoa… Just chill…Why not capture video or given audio of those people you’re referring to when they are “loud” — SHOW IT TO Mr. G and you’ll get the last laugh! *sinister smile*

  4. -pat pat- I understand how you feel 

  5. yeah i had some people that i lived with or hall mates that i didn’t like in college.you’re a better person than me, cause i’m unable to tolerate that shit and stoop to their level.like when they were in the can taking a shit, i’d shut off the lights and put the metal garbage pail infront of their stall door…so they’d be cursing in the dark, then they’d trip over the metal pail while getting out of the stall in the dark.but then dorms got smart and disallowed us from turning off the lights.so instead i took a cup of ice cold water and threw it at the ceiling over their stall or shower…so the whole time they’d have to finish their business or shower, all the while ice cold water is dripping down on them from the ceiling.but those were only hallmates….you should have seen what i did to the people that i didn’t like that i had to live with.*grin.

  6. next time they get loud record it on ur phone or something and give it back to mr g so he can yell at them 😀 (tit for tat) 

  7. @Azriha – Lol. Just read this comment and I couldn’t help but laugh. It reminds me of those pranks my friend do. Haha

  8. @gweirdo – hey!you’re still here in xanga. anyway, my issue is settled already. thanks for the idea!

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