I am exhausted.

I wish I could walkaway from this monotonous life I’ve been living these couple of months. I wish I could just leave it in a corner and be able to go back to it when I’m ready without wasting time. But that’s…impossible. I must do something about it, something do-able, something possible. 

So here I am, back at my sanctuary. Trying hard to put into words all the anxieties I am feeling to at least lessen the burden I’ve placed upon my shoulders. My time is running out, I am cramming. I can feel the end, where all the efforts I’ve done all these months will be judged. Whatever the verdict may be,it will definitely change my future and that scares me.


I am scared.

My heart’s beating faster and faster every second that I’m closer to the end, where the bell will ring and I’ll hear “TIME’S UP”. My hands are cold, almost frozen that I can no longer make it move.


Deep breaths and eyes cringed. 

With deep breaths and eyes cringed, I try to move forward with a prayer and my dreams in mind. 


I am hoping for the best…



2 responses to “sanctuary

  1. Good luck to you! Hang in there is all I can really say. We’re always here to lend an ear for more ranting too btw.

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