My FB world is getting smaller and smaller each day

*warning:this blog is unorganized as my thoughts.*

Okay, so almost everyone in my family has a FB account and I’m freaking out!!! So, it’s time to use FB’s security features. Hmm, let me see…who can view my tagged photos? ONLY ME! I have to be careful, they might see my late night parties with friends. Paranoid much? Not really, I just want to stay out of trouble and avoid those nasty rumors they might come up with when they see me partying. *sighs* 

I want to be out and open about my late night hang outs with my friends, besides I know there’s nothing wrong about it,but it’s something that isn’t easy to do when you have too nosy relatives. With them, you’re a good niece/cousin/daughter if you stay inside the house all day, and you don’t go to parties with friends. And that’s not me, I can stay inside the house all day but I enjoy hanging out somewhere too. I love to be around my friends as much as I do with my family.  

Maybe I just don’t like hearing negative things about me from other people especially from relatives, and that’s the reason why I always try to stay out of their radars as I can.




12 responses to “My FB world is getting smaller and smaller each day

  1. “I want to be out and open about my late night hang outs with my friends” – ehem! I’m happy I only have my cousins on FB, I do have one Uncle but he’s in NYC and he couldn’t care less about what I do. haha FACEBOOK PRIVACY! Make a list and hide stuff from family. :p

  2. Aw, same. I’ve hide some photos from my family and relatives. And they’ve got limited access on my wall. :)) 

  3. Yea, rumors suck. I go to parties and do late night shenanigans, but my family knows I’m a good guy. So I guess I’m lucky they don’t judge me if anything.

  4. Have you ever thought about instead of hiding your life from your family, why just not post it to begin with? I’m not sure how old you are but I think this kind of thinking is common among those under 18. I’m 26 and I used to feel the same way as you (keeping friends and family seperate and how I act when I am with both are totally two different worlds) but once I hit a certain age, I stopped wanting to hide things from my family because real grown ups don’t do that. They see themselves as an adult and so their family starts to see them that way too. I stopped caring what people thought. If they have something negative to say about me, I could probably name 10 things negative about them…but I don’t because I feel like that is also childish. Just let haters hate and live your own life. You can’t stop people from having negative thoughts about you. The most important things that adolesence has taught me is that hiding things will just make it worse.I have all my family on facebook too and I am not hiding anything from them because I am not fake around them. I am a grown ass woman and I’m not doing anything they wouldn’t approve of anyways. If I were, then I sure as hell wouldn’t be putting on facebook…in hiding or not. And if they didn’t like it, so what. being unashamed and unafraid of who you are is all a part of being grown up…maybe you just have some time to go yet.

  5. Good call, take advantage of those privacy settings!

  6. I know the feeling dear. It sucks to be so paranoid. Maybe u could consider doing 2 accounts. I’ve noticed a lot of people doing that. There’s the “boring I’m a simpleton girl” account for family/relatives/family friends.. eventually when u start working it will be difficult to mix your social life with ur work life and not letting them know that u put up statuses a million times a day… so u can use ur simple-family life account for work as well.. then theres another accunt u make for all ur close friends.. people u hang back with and who don’t judge u for ur comments and wall posts. vwalah. there u have a complex but efficient solution to ur problem 😛

  7. @oxyGENE_08 – I have my cousins on my FB list but I still don’t feel okay with it.

  8. @icesoul_09 – limited access on your wall? Hmm…I’m gonna try that one. 😀

  9. @sumoneoverthere – True.You’re lucky. My mom knows that I go out and she’s not okay with it but she knows she can trust me. But when it’s my relatives who interfere and make comments about me….ARGHHH!I just hate it.

  10. @MissAshley@lovelyish – Thanks for that, it gave me a different perspective about the situation. Yeah, grown ups don’t hide things and freak out like this. Hmmm…maybe I should get over caring too much about what others think of me. I know, it isn’t an overnight process but if I start it now, in time, I’ll be comfortable with the idea of being myself with my family.

  11. @gweirdo – yeah, a very complex solution.

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