I don’t know to who I can open up to. Right now, I’m in an internet shop almost next to the girl I want to have a talk with. Hmmm…I don’t know how to put this…I’ll give you an overview of the situation.

I am currently going out with this GUY X, who went out once or twice with GIRL Z(the one sitting one-seat-away as I type this blog). GUY X said that when they went out before it meant nothing and it was only a friendly date. I said what if it wasn’t just a friendly date for GIRL Z, what if it meant something else. I should not probably care about the feelings of GIRL Z, if she wasn’t my high school and college schoolmate. GIRL Z and I are not really that close friends but we are quite civil ever since, though we have few common friends. So I was thinking if I need to talk to GIRL Z to clarify what she and GUY X have. I don’t know if there’s a need to, one of my guy friends said, I don’t need to because that’s just the way it is. Hmm..maybe I’m not that convinced. 

Plus, GUY X and GIRL Z’s families are close so they still have a connection. Somehow, it seems not okay to me that GIRL Z doesn’t know that GUY X and I are dating. It’s not okay because she might still have the idea that it’s more than an ordinary hang out. After all, their status was kinda unclear except for what GUY X said that it was just a friendly date.

I know, I should not be acting like this because we are still on the dating stage. Ugh, I just want to enter in a relationship with a clean slate. No doubts, no hang ups. I think anyone would want that.

Anyway, please help me….do I have to clear things up with GIRL Z or should I let GUY X do that?


3 responses to “WHAT TO DO?

  1. Tanduay Ice lang yan! LOL :pSeriously though, if you feel you have to ask Girl Z about his past with Guy X go but it for sure is going to be awkward but with the kind of relationship you mentioned you have with her, seems like there’s nothing much to lose. One more thing, if this early you have trust issues with Guy X are you really sure you wanna pursue this? Just saying.Anyway, I’m just around. 🙂

  2. @oxyGENE_08 – good point. thanks gene! let’s do that tanduay ice moment again.LOL

  3. @hazey_chique – Text mo lang ako. Anytime. Marame ka na utang saken. haha

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