New year, new life.


This entry is a bit late for the new year,too early for the Chinese New year but anyway, I just would like to update my blog. They say a new year is a chance for changes, luckily, the year started great for me.  There were changes in my life. From being a bum to…well, ‘not-so-bum’. Somehow, I feel productive (most days). 

Anyway, I miss writing and reading blogs. My journal is empty, I have the intention of filling it up, but there’s way too many things going through my head. Like, a new life, new priorities, new environment and etc. I guess everything’s new, except for my unorganized thoughts. 


If there’s a picture of my mind right now, it would be like this photo I found on the internet:




4 responses to “New year, new life.

  1. Hoarders! LOL Write write and write! Who am I to say this though. Haven’t been writing much too. haha 

  2. Yeah, I’m a hoarder of thoughts and emotions as well. Haha At least you blog regularly. 😀

  3. Go write out all those thoughts and de-clutter your mind!

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