Sit back and relax?

Okay,so the documents I need will be available next week. I have read and browse almost every article I need for the upcoming project. One of my bosses said, I should just sit back and relax at the moment,but what else can I do? 

So I open my Xanga account and then, there it is, that ‘add weblog’ button awaits. I am back in business, well, at least for the moment, when my hands aren’t tied up to work. 

*one of my co-workers approaches, says, ‘there’s food in the other department’…break*

After a short pizza break, where was I again?

Oh that, I’m back in the business for blogging. I miss blogging anyway and I need to practice my ‘writing’ abilities, by organizing my thoughts for reports and all that stuff. I think the I have deteriorated quite a lot in writing reports and my vocabulary feels so limited. I need to find ways to improve it. I do read, but it still seem insufficient for present need. 

What should I do? Any suggestions?


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