I’m not okay. (reflections on mz_d0rkabl3 ‘s #Are you okay?)

I’ve read mz_d0rkabl3’s “Are you okay?” post and this made me ask myself. Am I okay? After a blink or two, I knew the answer. 

I’m not okay because lately I have this fear. A fear that probably doesn’t exist to people my age—the fear of being alone in the future. I’m in my early 20s… but I really dread not finding someone to be with in the future. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. (yes, girls do over analyze and I’m not an exception.)  I guess being surrounded by girls my age who are in a relationship somehow has an effect on me, some call it —pressure. 

Good thing, I am surrounded by a few good friends who remind me to stick to what makes me happy and never be pressured by these things. One friend even pointed out that, being in a relationship now doesn’t guarantee you not to be alone in the future. And with that, I rest my case.






4 responses to “I’m not okay. (reflections on mz_d0rkabl3 ‘s #Are you okay?)

  1. I know exactly what you mean.. in the past year, 3 of my friends have gotten engaged. And I’m still flying solo. But I would rather not be in a relationship than be with the wrong person. I think we deserve better than mediocrity. Darn these standards, it makes it harder to just settle for the next best thing lol.There’s no rush though. Everything happens in its own time – we’ll get there eventually =) 

  2. You’ll be alright, I have a good feeling about that =)

  3. @mz_d0rkabl3 – Yeah…those standards….don’t get me started on that….Lol. But true, we owe to these standards why we aren’t with the wrong person. 

  4. @Roadlesstaken – Thanks…but I was wondering when are you going to ask me out? Lol.

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