Book Review: Mansfield Park

Okay, so as usual I was off the radar in Xanga for quite some time and now I will really try to update this blog more often. I promise. Anyway, I’ve decided to make an informal book review on the books I’ve read the last couple of months. Here’s one: Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

I really admire Jane Austen’s work so I wanted to read all her published work. I still have a long way to go, though. From all of her books, I’ve only read two.Anyway, Mansfield Park is a related masterpiece. It connects the past to the present with the personalities of the characters in the novel. In one way or another, the reader can relate to Fanny Price, Mary Crawford or Edmund Bertram. I,myself, can relate to Fanny’s sensibility and to Mary’s occasional follies. Though the setting of the story seem to be centuries away, one may be amazed how at some point they may imagine themselves in that situation in the present and realize that the past in someway isn’t that far from today.

As for the ending, I was expecting something like that of the Pride and Prejudice’s but….. *spoiler alert* Nah, I recommend that you must read it.


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