A step back will take you two steps forward.

I had this conversation with my friend the other night, she told me that I should step back from all these chaos that’s happening in my life. She told me that it was okay to retreat one in a while, just to clear my head and regain my strength. I had thought things over since that talk with my friend, I think…she’s right.

I really do need to take a step back so I can clear my head and also be able to look at the big picture. I need to have a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE of things, so I could save myself from losing hope because of what I’m experiencing right now. If I were to describe where I am right now, it’s like being right in front of a wall and pushing my way against it, I see that plain flawless hard wall, I feel the cold emanating that wall. So I guess stepping back means getting a better view of that wall and being able to spot that tiny little hole where I can peek through and see the light from the other side of that wall. If I won’t be able to spot that hole, at least I have saved my energy and maybe I could just pray that the wall just disappear one day.


I am willing. I will take that one step back. I am hopeful. I believe that it will take me two steps forward.


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