That guy friend.

I have known this guy for a couple of years now. We hang out often. He was my drinking buddy… He would tell me everything in his life, his crazy encounters with girls, his adventures, and his frustrations. A couple of times, he’d been my hero… a handful of incidents that made him earn the code name “to the rescue”. 

He knows some of my deepest and darkest secrets—secrets even my closest girl friends don’t know about. He was like a rock, you could tell your secrets and he wouldn’t judge you…or maybe he does, but at least he wouldn’t make you feel it.

He was the guy I’d love to hang out. He was the guy who would make you comfortable and protected. He was that guy friend. 

He was my friend. He still is,but why am I feeling like I want more? 

I have made a mental list on reason why he and I could not work: complications, friendship, and a whole lot of things. I am still struggling to convince myself so I would not feel this way. Lately, everything’s a blur.


I have to figure things out. I should not be falling into deep. 


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