Blah blah blah

I just want to write down whatever is going through my head so pardon this post.

I read a blog of my friend (Joana) where she has listed down topics that she’s been thinking of. The list was a looong one (but it had coherence) and somehow, I was able to relate. She said that she doesn’t seem to wrap her head around the idea of sorting the important and the little matters. Well, I think, at that point when she wrote that. The classification should not be an issue, sometimes, writing is the only way to release some of the frustrations/anger/stress that these thoughts bring us.

Warning: Next lines might be totally incoherent.

What’s on my head? Project. Client. Meetings.Stephanie. Feeling stupid. Feeling worthless and unproductive. Copycats. Broken hearts. Jerks.Subliminal messages. Song. Puro Laro. Independent candidates. Gordon. Elections. I miss home. I really miss my family. Chocolate cakes and coffee with my food buddies. I need a breather. This is too much. Global warming. Wearing a blazer for a meeting on a hot summer day. Bullsh*ts. Life. Dried lips. Wanting to smoke again. That poor fish I just devoured this lunch. Sorry. Ecosystem. That’s the way things are. Predator-prey relationships. Biology class. 2nd year high school. That unforgettable Biology teacher. Memories. Good.Bad. Memories that hurt. Memories that I wish to forget. I love/hate this. Line for this week. Deep breaths. Tabs. Waiting for an email. Feeling like a lost soul in this stationary place. I want to scream. I want to let this out. I shout inside my head.


I miss my mom. I need a hug. Home is 339.4 kilometers away. Texting with my mom. I miss her. I really do. Work. I must get back to work,but I can’t. I’m not in the mood. I want to curse. I want to swear on the top of my lungs. HR passes by near my table. Deep breaths. A sigh. I hear a snap, a snap I hate. I f*cking hate. Deep breaths. I should end this. Should I end this?STOP.


3 responses to “Blah blah blah

  1. Where are you working now? Catch-up/Meet-up? hehe

  2. @oxyGENE_08 – Makati. Sure, let’s hang out soon. Sorry just read this now. I lost your number I think. PM me at FB. 

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