Top 10 words you should use more in 2013

Last week, I’ve read this article from Washington Post about ten words we should use more in 2013 so ever since, I’ve been trying to use a couple of it even in my buncombe posts. 

Maybe you’re using these words already, but being the troglodyte that I am, I haven’t encountered any of these yet so I’m under too much fantods in expanding my limited vocabulary.

Care to share some words I should know about?





Warning:Extreme Rubbish Content

This is just about nonsensical stuff that I need to blog about. I am under extreme fantod lately, I just need to let this out through this pointless rants.  

Okay, here I go… So picture this, a man and a woman, both are my co-workers. Do the math, then I’ll tell you that having relationship in the office and being in a ‘fight’ doesn’t really add up well.  Why am I writing about it? Well, they happened to be my friends here in the office, so I became the unwilling mediator…they both confided to me. The next thing I knew, I was setting the atmosphere for them to talk about their misunderstanding. Maybe I was at fault, maybe I should have not let myself be dragged into their mess. After all, it’s their relationship. Ugh, I just wanted them to be okay so we could all go back to our busy lives. 

If you were in my situation, what would you do?

Give Up Dharma Down a chance…

One of my favorite local bands is Up Dharma Down, they’ve been making good music for 10 years now. I just want to share their music as my way to give honor to their work. Click here to listen the playlist for their latest album CAPACITIES for you to discover, you may search the lyrics here UPDHARMADOWN . 




Okay, since I can’t concentrate with the work at hand. I have succumbed to the calling of XANGA to update this dying blog. Anyway, since it’s already 2013. I will post my new year’s resolution/plans:


1. Save more.

2. Exercise often. 

3. Take the board exam this year.

4. Eat healthy.

5. Buy a new gadget.

I can’t think of anything else, so that’s it for now… How about you, have you thought of your plans/resolutions for this year? 



That guy friend.

I have known this guy for a couple of years now. We hang out often. He was my drinking buddy… He would tell me everything in his life, his crazy encounters with girls, his adventures, and his frustrations. A couple of times, he’d been my hero… a handful of incidents that made him earn the code name “to the rescue”. 

He knows some of my deepest and darkest secrets—secrets even my closest girl friends don’t know about. He was like a rock, you could tell your secrets and he wouldn’t judge you…or maybe he does, but at least he wouldn’t make you feel it.

He was the guy I’d love to hang out. He was the guy who would make you comfortable and protected. He was that guy friend. 

He was my friend. He still is,but why am I feeling like I want more? 

I have made a mental list on reason why he and I could not work: complications, friendship, and a whole lot of things. I am still struggling to convince myself so I would not feel this way. Lately, everything’s a blur.


I have to figure things out. I should not be falling into deep. 


For those who sang that Greenday Song (“Wake me up when September Ends”), NOW’s the time for you to wake up! YES!It’s OCTOBER! Lol. Sorry for this lame entry. I just wanted to post something today. 


Have a good day!

My favorite…

“It is now my favorite book of all time, but then again, I always think that until I read another book.” – Charlie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

After Dance,Dance, Dance my next read was The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (Okay, I had to Google for the pronunciation of his last name and found a lot of suggestions. Anyway, I just say “ch-bos-kee” under my breath.) Enough of my nonsensical comments. I really loved the book, I like how it was written. Chbosky’s style was refreshing for me. It is now my favorite book of all time(as of the meantime).The series-of-letters-narration adds a personal touch to the story.Plus, Charlie’s innocence is like a reality-check. It makes you think of the choices you’ve made, the stories you’ve heard, the scenes you’ve seen and how you dealt with them. It reminded me of those events in my life that made me who I am right now, and I also had a chance to re-think the decisions I’ve made. I wondered how things have gone had I took a different path.


Anyway,here are a few lines I really liked from the book. 


“And even if somebody else has it much worse, that doesn’t really change the fact that you have what you have. Good and bad.” -Charlie


“Charlie, we accept the love we think we deserve”- Bill

“It’s much easier not to know things sometimes. And to have french fries with your mom be enough.” -Charlie

“I feel infinite.” -Charlie