They say the only thing constant in this world is CHANGE. I believe it, but I prefer that positive kind of change. Lately, I’ve undergone some changes, from the simplest to the mind-boggling-heart-stopping change (well, at least for my standards). Lifestyle. Looks. Perception. Feelings(?).  These changes that have occurred are not necessarily that type of change that I prefer, and I’m ashamed about some of it. I am ashamed for I allowed myself to be swayed into that direction of change.

So, I have resolved to myself that I will try to change those changes that I have control of and to at least minimize the effects of unintended consequences of my actions and decisions. 




Yes, I miss my best friend…she’s just a call away. A call I tried to make this afternoon, but she didn’t pick it up maybe because she was busy with her work.

Things are different between us now, very different from how it was a few years ago. Before, communication was clear between us. Since, we are from different places we use technology to keep in touch—text messages, calls, chats and emails. We would always check on each other, and make a little chat about our friends, just to update. But now, we don’t communicate that often anymore. Sometimes, it takes a month or two before I hear from her. And when we do have the chance to talk, it’s often brief and meaningless.

I’m tired reaching out, and sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one trying to keep our friendship. I know, I shouldn’t be melodramatic at this stuff. I have a lot of close friends and I’m happy hanging out with them but they don’t know me like my best friend did. I have another best friend from grade school,but she also has her new best friend so I think I’m kinda out of the picture and she knew me from a very different time.

I just miss that old friendship with my best friend.Yes, change is constant.

It just sucks not having that same old best friend. While writing this blog, I even got a little teary-eyed. (Honestly, I cried.)—i really miss her.