2 x = y

This week, I met two Xs. One was intentional and the other one was unintentional. And now, I ask myself “Y is this happening to me? Is┬áthis some fate’s joke?”


the real conversation

Oooh,he’s online…

me: ***?
xxx: yes?
xxx:why are you still up?
me: i’m still trying to finish my school requirements,but i’m experiencing writer’s block (what i want to say: well, it hasn’t been the same since you were gone.)
xxx: you’ve been very busy lately huh?
me: yeah, ‘coz i’ll be graduating this month ( wiwts: i’ve been trying to keep my mind off you that’s why i do a lot of stuff)
xxx: when’s your graduation?
me: on the 25th (wiwts: i wish you’d be there)
xxx: wow, it’ll be next week.
me: yeah, 8 days to go. (wiwts: 8 more days and my mind will be free to think of you again)
xxx: where do you plan to work?
me: if i become a CPA, i plan to work in my grandfather’s company (wiwts: anywhere near you)
xxx: i see, goodluck! you’ll be a CPA
me: thanks.i hope it’s God’s will. (wiwts: i hope you’ll be proud of me somehow when that happens.)
me: why are you still up? (wiwts:do you miss me sometimes?)
xxx: i’m listening to music and playing FB games
me: i see, don’t you have work tomorrow? (wiwts:i’m hoping you can’t sleep because you miss me somehow)
xxx: i do,actually, i have a meeting by 8am tomorrow.
me: then you should sleep (wiwts:oh, so much for my wishful thinking)
xxx: okay, i’ll be sleeping already. you should sleep too.
me: i can’t, i’m not done with this. (wiwts: do you really still care?)
me: (wiwts:i miss you.sweet dreams,my love)