Describing the world with words.

I’ve recently came across this challenge from Daily Post¬†about taking a snapshot of the experience using only words. It reminded me about a book I’ve read a few months ago, there was this concert in a book and the character said something about why do people take a video or pictures of the performance instead of just enjoying the moment and having divided attention between the act and video. It really made a mark in me, so I try to live life instead of capturing it.

Anyway, here’s my attempt on that challenge.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon while I was at the office, I went out to the balcony and sat there for a few moments. The sky was cloudy, adding a little gloom in the the already gloomy day weekend. As I sat there, I looked around for something unusual worth writing about but to my luck, I didn’t see any. It was just the same old buildings with their tired looks having endured so many years being still in that place.

I closed my eyes, I heard a child scream from somewhere, probably from the park nearby. I hear a car horn from a far, the sound of a driver in a hurry. I hear another one, this time it was a cautious warning. In between those car horns and voices of children around, for a few seconds I hear that constant hum of the world in motion. That low but resonating sound of the world—a culmination of the different low-key sounds of nature, technology and people.

In those brief moments of ‘silence’, I’ve realized that the world we live in doesn’t really wait for anyone. That the time that have gone, are gone forever.