i love my friends

I have this group of friends which I’ve made during my high school days. After almost 5 years since high school days, we’re still together. And since last year, we really try to find time for our bonding time may it be eating our favorite snack from our Alma Mater or partying ’til dawn.

I’m really happy having them around because they always make my day. I also love the fact that when we party, we really have fun since we can be our own self. No hesitations, no shyness, just plain FUN!!!

We may have different personalities but when we’re together, we just blend in harmoniously. We compliment each others’ strengths and weaknesses. Some of us have that strong personality and others just have the ‘not-so-strong’ but all of that doesn’t matter when we are together because our friendship’s far beyond the personality for it is rooted with love.

I feel like they’re my siblings who’ll always be there for me.

 I do know, someday we might go our own separate ways but in my heart I know I’ll always have my ‘sister/brother friends’ with me, despite the distance and the time.

I hope we’ll be friends ’til we have our grandchildren partying like we did.